Energy solutions for the carbon neutral future

The global energy industry is responsible for providing to many of our basic needs – electricity for lights to see at night, keeping our homes warm, and for powering transportation. Energy need and electricity consumption are in the rise in both developed countries and in the emerging markets, where the growing populations and urbanization are changing the way people live and consume energy. The EnergySampo ecosystem is focused in solving the challenges related to the increasing demand for energy globally. By working together the partners can create better solutions faster, and by doing that help solve the problems related to global energy production, transmission and storage – and optimization of those solutions.

EnergySampo ecosystem originates from the Vaasa region in Finland where its founding partners have a long history in collaborating, co-creating and innovating together. One of the greatest examples of collaboration between companies is the floating testbed M/S Aurora Botnia where the partner companies have successfully piloted and operated their solutions since 2020. The first EnergySampo pilots, power-to-x-to-power pilot system called H-FLEX-E and biogas system CCU are located in Vaasa. They build on the EnergyVaasa network of innovative companies to co-create large-scale pilots that are needed to validate innovations and create solutions that can be scaled globally. The City of Vaasa is driving the development of the region by dedicated areas like GigaVaasa that serve as a living lab for testing and piloting the future solutions.

Powering the carbon neutral society


The EnergySampo pilot H-FLEX-E will develop, design and demonstrate integrated renewable energy system using P2X2P concept in a flexible and feasible manner.


The EnergySampo pilot CCU is a step towards climate-positive energy from waste. The production of synthetic methane starts at Westenergy in 2025.

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