Public investment needed to power system-level pilots


EnergySampo innovation ecosystem exists to create carbon neutral energy solutions for sustainable future. Solving the global energy problem, calls for system level solutions. To ensure successful execution, the founding partners of EnergySampo have developed a way of working through large-scale pilots. This is where the role of public investment is important. It can speed up execution and at the same time increase Finland’s competitiveness in the global race for innovation and thought leadership. Furthermore, a combination of private and public investment also attracts foreign capital to Finland.

One-stop shop for system level solutions

Large-scale pilots bring the best partners to work together. EnergySampo partner companies will orchestrate the creation of system-level pilots and related tender requests in Finland. Large industrialized countries in Asia and Europe already support such system-level exports in their own competing countries to support innovation and development. It is in Finland’s interest to keep the R&D of global corporations in Finland – as a result, they will also survive production and subcontracting chains.

Public investment is needed to speed up innovation and development of new solutions that can be scaled globally. The EnergySampo innovation ecosystem is key in ensuring system level approach, as individual companies cannot invest in system-level product development alone. The credible and impressive pilot projects in different parts of Finland will support Finland’s leading role in the energy industry. With the help of public support, the export of Finnish energy technology will be raised to the next level and to 100 Billion euro annual system-level global markets. Public investment would increase Finland’s competitiveness and help attract foreign capital to Finland.

Public investment is needed to create large-scale industrial pilots

energysampo powers finland’s leading role in the global energy industry