Lower CO2 emissions


EnergySampo innovation ecosystem partners are committed to develop and produce system-level energy solutions that reduce greenhouse emissions and enable the achievement of the climate goals of the Paris Agreement (carbon-neutral energy production, transmission, storage, distribution and consumption).

Growing demand for energy and electricity

With the green transition of energy, the importance of renewable energy sources and, with them, electrical energy is growing strongly. Today, 20% of the world’s energy is electricity, in 2050 the amount of electricity will be 60%. The growing demand of energy in general, and the growing demand of electricity in particular is challenging the industry to create better solutions faster

EnergySampo’s founding companies are already leading players in the energy industry globally in their respective fields. By joining forces in an innovation ecosystem they are now creating system-level solutions together. Transition to green energy and the elimination of fossil energy sources require energy storage and a new type of control power.

Powering the carbon-neutral society

By investing in climate exports, we reduce greenhouse emissions globally, but with the help of pilot projects, Finland will be at the forefront of the green energy transition. These solutions will help both developed and developing countries to respond to the challenges in energy production, transmission and storage, and create new and better ways of working and technology solutions needed to optimize the entire system.

By investing in carbon neutral solutions Finland can be pioneering green transition

EnergySampo joins leading global technology companies by innovation.