The EnergySampo Ecosystem

Carbon-neutral energy solutions for a sustainable future

Problem: Climate change is reality and we need to do something fast. The global average surface temperature increased about 0,97 to 1,21 °C throughout 1850–2022. Global greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise by 50% by 2050, owing primarily to CO2 emissions from non-renewable energy use, leading to a continuing rise of temperature estimated as 1,09 °C. We all see the results, with rising temperatures and forest fires, melting icebergs, flooding and extreme weather conditions.

Importance: Today, only 4.5% of countries have achieved carbon neutrality, and most countries are still planning to do so by 2050–2070. As of February 2021, 124 countries worldwide have declared their intention to become carbon neutral and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 or 2060.

Purpose: EnergySampo ecosystem exists to co-create carbon-neutral energy solutions for sustainable future. The founding members, ABB, Danfoss, Hitachi Energy, Vaasan Sähkö, VEO, VMT Capital and Wärtsilä, are all innovative companies with global reach. They have decades of history in innovating together in the Vaasa Region. By joining forces in an innovation ecosystem, they can solve problems that none of them cannot solve alone. Together the companies invest over 200 MEUR in innovation and development annually. The ecosystem collaboration is about making the most of that investment by creating joint research and development projects to come up with innovative solutions for the future, about joint customer-deliveries of comprehensive solutions and joint funding arrangements of relevant projects.