Innovative solutions for export

Publicly supported R&D emphasis aims at innovating solutions together. After piloting these solutions can be further refined, productized and exported. The motivation to support EnergySampo is to strengthen Finland’s role as a pioneer for creating system level energy solutions that support the development of carbon neutral society.

EnergySampo innovation ecosystem has a strong emphasis on R&D. The partner companies are investing over 200 million EUR annually, but would benefit from additional public funding. The public funding’s role is especially important in complementing the companies’ own investments for creating large-scale system level pilots. It would help support technological innovation by supporting complementary innovation geared toward’s creating operational models and automation solutions that are essential to create support productization of scalable solutions, to commercialize and to discover and develop export opportunities globally.

Simulating energy demand, production and operation

Tomorrow’s energy needs depend on the way individuals and organizations consume energy and electricity. Megatrends like urbanization shape demand, and the carbon neutral energy solutions vary a lot based on country and geography. Developed markets have existing infrastructure, emerging markets less so. Water flows and wind farms are examples of renewable energy sources, but need to be complemented by energy transmission and storage solutions to cater for the days when there is no wind. Furthermore, it is important to understand the role of advanced automation solutions in creating optimized and efficient energy solutions for a sustainable future.

All of this forms a complex system – and the first step towards carbon neutral energy solutions is understanding the context. Therefore, one of the EnergySampo’s most important development projects is the innovative modeling of future carbon-neutral energy systems. With the help of modelling, customers are shown how to build energy systems in the long run.

Piloting the way towards carbon neutral future

Modeling has provided to be a powerful tool for finding practical problems to be solved. EnergySampo has created two pilots already: H-FLEX-E and CCU and there are more pilots underway. Piloting takes place mainly in Finland, which increases employment and supports the restructuring of the economy. After the piloting, the partner companies are committed to scale them up globally. Their global sales organizations already have access to practically all decision-makers in the energy sector in the world.

Fund to support creation of new companies

Direct funding, as well as a fund structure that allows investors to get a return.