Carbon-neutral energy solutions



EnergySampo is an innovation ecosystem founded by ABB, Danfoss, Hitachi Energy, Vaasan Sähkö, VEO, VMT Capital and Wärtsilä, and ochestrated by Merinova. The ecosystem was founded to solve a meaningful problem – to develop and offer system-level carbon-neutral energy solutions for sustainable future.

The founding partners have a long history of working together. They are all leading technology companies. The ecosystem agreement emphasizes the need for collaboration in order to develop and productize energy solutions that reduce system-level greenhouse emissions. The global demand for system level solution is huge – over 100 billion EUR. Potential customers are states, regions or cities that renew their energy systems aiming at carbon-neutral energy production, transmission, storage, distribution and consumption. System level collaboration is needed as none of the companies can provide system level solutions.

The EnergySampo innovation ecosystem is meaningful globally, and for Finland. The potential for new business and export is significant, as currently, such system-level solutions are not exported from Finland. While the seven founding companies play an important role in driving the system level approach, the EnergySampo ecosystem is growing to involve and to create new companies.