New exports and jobs


The founding partners of EnergySampo innovation ecosystem have been working together for decades. Together they have been shaping the global energy solutions industry and creating value by their innovative solutions. However, with accelerating climate change and rising energy prices, the need for carbon-neutral system level solutions is greater than ever. We cannot wait.

New exports worth billions and thousands of jobs

The global energy revolution creates a huge new market for carbon-neutral solutions. The EnergySampo innovation ecosystem partners are committed to collaboration and innovation to capture their share of the growing market. The impact will be measurable in lower emissions and in new business opportunities. The market for system-level energy solutions is 100 billion euros per year, which means export potential worth billions. Even according to the conservative estimates the global export potential for carbon neutral system level energy solutions is huge: EnergySampo is estimated to increase Finland’s energy technology exports by 2030 from 4 billion EUR to 8 billion EUR, which will create about 5,000 new jobs in Finland.

The impact for Finland will be beyond new business, new exports and new jobs. EnergySampo will contribute to Finland’s success in many other ways as well. For example, faster innovation of new technology will increase productivity and elevate Finland to the global top of energy technology competitiveness, and attract the best talent to Finland.

Increasing investment in Finland

The EnergySampo’s seven founding companies are already investing a total of €200 M/year in product development. However, co-innovating system level energy solutions calls for public funding to pilot solutions in the industrial scale. Therefore, the private investment needs to be complemented by public investment in R&D. in Finland is modest compared to other industrialized countries. A fund-type financing model is being planned for EnergySampo which would attract foreigners financiers to invest in Finland.

Ecosystems are needed to solve problems that organizations or people cannot solve alone.

Energysampo will create new exports worth billions and thousands of jobs.