EnergySampo goes EnergyWeek

All EnergySampo partners are gearing up for the upcoming EnergyWeek in Vaasa 20.-24.03.2023. From our perspective, we are looking forward to increase knowledge of the power of ecosystem collaboration for the mighty purpose “building sustainable systemic energy solutions for carbon neutral future.” And we are welcoming you to join us!

EnergySampo objectives and achievements

As EnergySampo ecosystem collaboration started in 2020, we visioned an innovation ecosystem where we discuss, ideate and innovate together to ensure a better future for our children, their children and generations to come. The mighty purpose was distilled to objectives and actions:

Fight against climate change that calls for collaboration to renew and re-build energy systems of entire societies, cities and municipalities. As there is no one company who can do all this alone, collaboration beyond company boundaries is needed to drive green transition in the system level. When there is a problem, there is an opportunity to create new business, export and jobs, that further support sustainable business operations and help boost prosperity for the companies and their partners alike.

Examples of the EnergySampo collaboration are picking up speed. Green Hydrogen (also known as H-FLEX-E) and Carbon Capture (also known as CCU) pilots are moving forward as planned: In both pilot projects the partners are developing technologies, innovating business models and creating the blueprint of operations needed to scale up the system level solutions enabling business in the future. In addition to the EnergySampo ecosystem pilots, the partners are developing their own ecosystems that for their part advance innovation in the energy sector. All of these actions are yielding towards the common purpose: Building sustainable systemic energy solutions for carbon neutral future.

Meet EnergySampo in the EnergyWeek

EnergySampo’s event in the Energy Week will be on Thursday 23.03. 12:30-14:00. EnergySampo’s Chairman of Board, Stefan Damlin from Vaasan Sähkö will open the discussion by presenting the EnergySampo objectives and key achievements. After the short intro, Olli-Pekka Aalto from Danfoss, Timo Keski-Valkama from Hitachi, Patrik Malka from Wärtsilä, Timo Ala-Heikkilä from VEO and Jarmo Saaranen from VNT Management will discuss the energy sector challenges in general, dynamics of collaboration in particular and share best practices and highlight opportunities to join the EnergySampo ecosystem.

EnergySampo Partners presenting in Energy Week: Stefan Damlin, Sari Kola, Olli-Pekka Aalto, Patrik Malka, Timo Keski-Valkama, Jarmo Saaranen & Timo Ala-Heikkilä